La Pau is a space of health and conscience committed to the quality of the product and the soul of the producer. We believe in simple, honest and true things, that is why we want to look and respect our roots, and give a loving place to our origins, in a context adapted to the present moment.

We offer you seasonal and proximity foods, ecological and of high quality, good for both man and land, obtained through traditional methods of production without using synthetic or chemical substances. In addition to the nutritional and flavor advantages, the consumption of local ecological products reduces the environmental impact and promotes a more balanced economic activity. It is our intention to bring consumers and producers closer as far as possible and to make it easier for the consumer to always know what he eats and who has produced and has taken care of the food.

The vegetables and fruits we offer are grown in 100% ecological gardens of our geographic area. That's why food is always the freshest, the tasty and the greener in every way.